DELL Certification Exams

DELL certification exams are designed to ensure individuals have the knowledge and skills to successfully, Earning DELL credential requires completing specified competency requirements most often in the form of passing proctored DELL exams and/or online tests.

You will find here the list of exams proposed by DELL. Choose your Exam

Exam Code Exam Name Files Update
DC0-200 DC0-200 - Certified Server Professional 32019-02-06
DC0-261 DC0-261 - Dell Storage Networking Professional - version 2 32019-02-06
DCAN-100 Networking Associate Exam 42018-10-11
DCPPE-200 DCPPE-200 - Dell PowerEdge Professional Exam 52019-01-20
DEA-1TT4 Information Storage and Management v4 exam 102022-12-21
DEA-1TT5 Information Storage and Management 12022-12-16
DEA-2TT3 Cloud Infrastructure and Services v.3 Exam associate 12021-04-27
DEA-3TT2 Data Protection and Management Version 2 12022-11-27
DEA-41T1 PowerEdge Exam associate 12021-04-28
DEA-5TT1 Associate Networking Exam 22020-10-29
DEA-64T1 Associate Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud Exam 32021-04-28
DEE-1421 Isilon Solutions, Expert 22022-12-01
DES-1111 Technology Architect, PowerMax and VMAX All Flash Solutions 12022-02-17
DES-1221 Specialist, Implementation Engineer, PowerStore 32021-04-27
DES-1241 Specialist, Platform Engineer, PowerStore 22021-11-04
des-1423 Specialist Implementation Engineer Isilon Solutions 32021-04-28
DES-1721 Implementation Engineer, SC Series Exam 12020-03-19
DES-1D11 Specialist technology Architect - Midrange Storage Solutions 12020-02-12
DES-1D12 Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions Exam 32021-04-27
DES-3611 Specialist Technology Architect, Data Protection Exam 12021-05-20
DES-4421 Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge MX Modular Exam 42021-09-09
DES-5121 Implementation Engineer, Campus Networking Exam 12020-08-25
DES-5221 Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking 12020-06-23
DES-6321 Systems Administrator VxRack System FLEX Exam 22019-11-14
DES-6332 Specialist Systems Administrator VxRail Appliance Exam 32022-02-22
DES-9131 Specialist Infrastructure Security Exam 22019-03-26
DES-DD23 Implementation Engineer, PowerProtect DD 32022-12-01
DES-DD33 Systems Administrator, PowerProtect DD Exam 12022-12-21
DNDNS-200 DNDNS-200 - Dell Networking Professional Exam 52019-02-10
DSDPS-200 DSDPS-200 - Dell PS Series Storage Profrssional Exam 32018-07-03
DSDSC-200 Dell SC Series Storage Professional Exam 72019-03-17

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