SOA Certification Exams

SOA certification exams are designed to ensure individuals have the knowledge and skills to successfully, Earning SOA credential requires completing specified competency requirements most often in the form of passing proctored SOA exams and/or online tests.

You will find here the list of exams proposed by SOA. Choose your Exam

Exam Code Exam Name Files Update
C90-01A Fundamental Cloud Computing (C90.01) 12013-10-07
C90-02A Cloud Technology Concepts 22014-06-03
C90-03A Cloud Technology Lab 12014-02-28
C90-05A Advance Cloud Architecture - C90.05 Exam 22015-03-27
C90-06A Cloud Architecture Lab Exam 12015-03-13
S90-01 Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing (S90-01A) 52018-12-29
S90-01A Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing 32016-09-02
S90-03 SOA Design & Architecture 22018-10-03
S90-03A SOA Design & Architecture 32017-05-22
S90-04A SOA Project Delivery & Methodology 12014-03-01
S90-05A SOA Technology Lab 22014-06-03
S90-08A Advanced SOA Design & Architecture 22017-05-22
S90-09A S90.09 - SOA Design and Architecture Lab S90-09A 12017-05-22
S90-20A SOA Security Lab 12014-02-28
S90.01 Fundamental SOA and Service-Oriented Computing 12021-08-19
S90.02 SOA Technology Concepts - S90-02A 52021-08-19
S90.03 SOA Design and Architecture 22021-09-02
S90.08 Advanced SOA Design & Architecture 22021-09-02
S90.09 SOA Design Architecture Lab 22019-02-07

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